Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions set out the arrangements whereby South Downs Sourdough agrees to provide goods and services in the form of running a range of courses as set out on the website. By booking a course with South Downs Sourdough you (the Client) agree to accept the following terms and conditions.

Bookings made via South Downs Sourdough’s website are managed by an online booking system. Our booking system requires the Client to make payment at the time of booking, via the Square secure payment processor.

At the time of booking the Client will be asked to confirm that they have read South Downs Sourdough ’s terms and conditions and agreed to them, provide names of all prospective Attendees and ensure that all Attendees meet the minimum age requirements (or will be appropriately accompanied, as per our terms).

Agreement to South Downs Sourdough ’s terms and conditions at the time of booking expressly confirms the Client’s understanding of the contract between themselves and South Downs Sourdough.

The Client does not need a PayPal or Stripe account to make payment when booking online, and once the Client’s payment has been made they will receive email confirmation of their booking. Until the Client receives a payment confirmation email, the place(s) are provisional and not guaranteed. During the provisional booking period, South Downs Sourdough reserves the right to offer the places to other Clients.

Refunds & Transfers

There is no refund if you cannot attend. You are, however, most welcome to send another person in your place. If you are unable to find another person, at South Downs Sourdough discretion only, we may be able to re-book you to another date if your course is more than 4 weeks away. This will only be possible if we are able to fill your course place with another booking. Administration fee of £25 applies to any re-bookings or cancellations by customer.

No transfer will be offered if the following circumstances apply:

Course booking is cancelled within 4 weeks of the course date (unless a waiting list for the course exists and the place can be re-sold at short notice);

Students are unable to attend a course due to changes in personal circumstances

Students are unable to attend a course due to travel problems caused by unfavourable weather or cancellations by travel operators

Students require a VISA to enter the UK and are unable to obtain one.

Travel or accommodation expenses will not be compensated for should a course be cancelled or re-arranged for an alternative date.

South Downs Sourdough works in accordance with Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013. As such, the South Downs Sourdough baking course bookings, private lessons, workshops or event bookings are non-refundable, booking a place on a course confirms the Client’s ability to attend.

However, South Downs Sourdough offers the benefit of a discretionary ‘cooling off’ period of 48 hours from the time it receives a booking, during which time the Client can reschedule the booked date to an alternative session. We are not able to reschedule or reallocate places beyond this 48 hour period. 


South Downs Sourdough strives to ensure that classes proceed on the date booked but reserves the right to cancel or withdraw scheduled classes at any time and for any reason, but aims to give as much notice as possible to participants booked on any affected course(s). If South Downs Sourdough has to cancel a course then it will offer at least one alternative date or course option, where possible. If the participant is unable to attend the offered alternative date(s) or course type, then a full refund will be issued via the original payment method. South Downs Sourdough aim to process refunds within 7 days of cancellation. It does not accept responsibility for any costs incurred due to its cancellation of a course, including childcare, travel expenses, annual leave loss etc.

Gift Vouchers

All Gift vouchers have a 12 months expiry date (from the date of purchase). Please ensure you allow sufficient time to book your course. Vouchers not redeemed within the 12 months expiry date cannot be accepted. We typically review our course prices towards the end of each calendar year or when we introduce a new course.

Clients can buy gift vouchers for all classes online at our website.

South Downs Sourdough will not notify the purchaser of impending expiry of any voucher(s) and once the expiry date is reached, vouchers are invalid and cannot be redeemed for courses nor will any refund be given.

Voucher(s) have no monetary value and are only redeemable against an available South Downs Sourdough class.

Once the Client has paid for voucher(s) they will receive a receipt. Should the Client not wish to purchase vouchers online, they can contact South Downs Sourdough by email or telephone instead. Once payment is received, South Downs Sourdough will arrange postage of the vouchers(s) to the address stated in the payment information. It is the Client’s responsibility to supply South Downs Sourdough with accurate postage details - it cannot accept responsibility for inaccurate address details resulting in non-delivery.

To redeem a voucher, the Holder should contact South Downs Sourdough by email or phone. Details can be found on www.southdownssourdough.co.uk Voucher Holders will be accommodated on their chosen course on a first come, first served basis - it is imperative that a voucher redeemer allows sufficient time for their voucher to be redeemed on their choice of course before expiry. Early booking is recommended for all our courses to prevent disappointment.

The purchasers and / or redeemers of vouchers accept that they will not be notified of amendment, withdrawal, and postponement or editing of course content.

In no circumstances will refunds be given for unredeemed or unwanted vouchers. 

In accordance with the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, the Client has 14 days from the delivery of their voucher(s) order to cancel their purchase. Requests for cancellation of a voucher order should in the first instance be made in writing by contacting us via our contact form. The Company will issue a full refund by the original payment method within 7 working days, but Clients should be aware that the funds will be deposited in accordance with the recharge policy and timescale of the original payment processor. There is no requirement to return cancelled voucher purchases. South Downs Sourdough politely requests that any delivered vouchers are destroyed by the purchaser upon cancellation. All cancelled vouchers will immediately become void and have no redemption value.

Privacy Policy

Where personal information is held by South Downs Sourdough it is stored to allow us to update you with information on forthcoming courses and events offered by South Downs Sourdough. Any personal information held will not be given to or offered for commercial purposes to third party organisations. Where newsletters or other forms of general communication are sent by South Downs Sourdough, recipients will be able to unsubscribe from any mailing lists.

Food Safety

The premises have been inspected by Winchester City Council and South Downs Sourdough has been awarded a current and valid food safety and hygiene certificate.

Health & Safety

South Downs Sourdough takes hygiene very seriously and as such have guidelines to ensure Clients get the best from their experience. The Company therefore recommends that Clients wear suitable clothing and footwear, and make use of the apron we provide. Clients may wear their own apron if preferred.

Since most of our workshops take place in a working kitchen environment, there are potential hazards. All classes are supervised and the Company strives to ensure the working environment is safe; however, it cannot take responsibility for any injuries sustained from use of its kitchen or equipment and require Clients to take due care and attention when using its equipment or facilities.

A first aid box is on hand at all courses.


South Downs Sourdough has a current and valid public liability insurance. South Downs Sourdough undertakes to provide all necessary equipment required for courses offered on its website. Course members will be asked about any special dietary requirements as part of joining instructions, and where possible, we will try to cater for food preferences. Course members will be informed either in writing or orally during the course about ingredients or any products or special equipment being used as part of the course. South Downs Sourdough is not responsible, nor has any liability for any accidental damage or injury caused during a course or arising from the actions or omissions of anyone taking part in a course run by South Downs Sourdough. Course members are advised not to bring items of value with them onto South Downs Sourdough premises. South Downs Sourdough does not accept liability for the loss of any personal possessions left on the premises as part of course attendance.

Allergies and Intolerances

South Downs Sourdough cannot guarantee its kitchen to be allergen-free, so those with a sensitive allergy to nuts, nut by-products, gluten, lactose etc. need to assess whether South Downs Sourdough’s courses are suitable. If in doubt, please contact South Downs Sourdough before booking.

Products containing gluten and dairy products are present in South Downs Sourdough's kitchen at all times.

South Downs Sourdough can accommodate some intolerances such as lactose and gluten, with advance notice and agreement prior to booking. Please note, however, that as potential allergens are used and stored in its kitchen, South Downs Sourdough regretfully cannot take any responsibility for any allergic reactions etc. suffered during time spent at its kitchen.

Course Fees & Courses Content

South Downs Sourdough reserves the right to amend course fees without notice; however, if the Client has booked and paid for a class, they will not be required to pay a higher fee nor will a refund be issued if a course booked is offered at a reduced rate, or as part of a special offer or promotion.

South Downs Sourdough also reserves the right to make changes to course content without notice or consultation. Any such changes would be to enhance or improve the course, and therefore in the interests of the Attendees. South Downs Sourdough will however notify all booked Attendees of any changes deemed significant. South Downs Sourdough does not offer refunds on courses with amended content but will attempt to reassign the Attendee to an alternative course, if possible.

When booking a course, the Client is acknowledging the content, in accordance with the details provided on our website, and contained in the confirmation materials provided after booking. Any queries or doubts about course content, suitability, or clarification of the anticipated outcomes of the information imparted, should be made to South Downs Sourdough prior to booking.

South Downs Sourdough can add and / or remove courses from our schedule or vary the content at any time without notice or consultation.

South Downs Sourdough provides all equipment and ingredients for courses but all said equipment and ingredients remain the property of South Downs Sourdough.

The Client acknowledges that course content is set and that the tutor will only impart information as dictated by the nature of the course you have booked. Tutors are not obliged to provide additional help on topics which are not part of the agreed course content; any additional support is provided entirely at the tutor’s discretion.


South Downs Sourdough classes are primarily aimed at Clients aged 18 years or over, due to the nature of the equipment and techniques used. It requests that Clients aged 13 - 17 years old attending our adult sessions are accompanied by an adult guardian aged 18 years or older, also taking the same course on the same date. In some special cases and strictly by prior arrangement South Downs Sourdough can allow a guardian to oversee the lesson, on the agreement that they remain present for the entire duration but this is agreed on a case by case basis and with Company’s sole discretion. By prior arrangement South Downs Sourdough can sometimes accommodate younger guests but Clients must ensure that they make contact before booking to discuss and confirm suitability for the young person in question.


All course content, recipes, images taken on, and depicting, South Downs Sourdough’s premises and staff, and any of South Downs Sourdough’s branded materials, remain the property of South Downs Sourdough and clients are not permitted to copy or disseminate this intellectual property under any circumstances. Clients and third parties may apply for permission to copy or disseminate information, images, materials etc. by contacting South Downs Sourdough in writing. South Downs Sourdough retains the right to refuse such requests without further explanation.

You are however welcome to take photos for social media and for your own personal use. Videos are not permitted unless you obtain a prior permission from us in advance (for instance if you are a food blogger or a journalist).

Other Terms

Courses run by South Downs Sourdough, unless specifically stated, are not suitable or designed for professional practitioners or those wishing to attend the courses for direct commercial gain. South Downs Sourdough offers bespoke courses which can be booked separately, where course members wish to attend on a business basis.

These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England.

Last Review 1 November 2020

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