Our story starts
in the South Downs.

Our story starts in the South Downs.

developing a
passion for good,
wholesome bread

Mark began baking bread at home after becoming dissatisfied with the tasteless, preservative filled products available on the high street.

Mark’s expertise as a trainer and knowledge of how people learn enabled him to develop a successful training business. Travelling extensively for business and pleasure, Mark enjoyed the opportunity to taste breads from around the globe. Bringing home inspiration, he experimented with methods and ingredients, providing his family with tasty results.

Having discovered Sourdough baking, Mark quickly achieved success producing delicious, healthy bread from his own starters which have now been maintained, strong and active for over 10 years.  The passion he developed, his thorough knowledge of sourdough and expertise in training led him to establish South Downs Sourdough in 2018.

The bakery school enables Mark to share his knowledge with aspiring bakers to develop skills and a reliable process. He simplifies the experience of baking sourdough at home.

People are attracted to baking Sourdough for different reasons. For some it is all about producing great tasting loaves as an alternative to disappointing shop bought bread, for others it is the purity of a completely natural product and for some it is due to issues with digestion. He addresses all these interests and is enthusiastic to assist everyone with their personal baking aspirations.

Located in the beautiful South Downs.

time to learn

Join an expertly led and great value sourdough baking classes:

  • Taste, smell and experience the entire process
  • Bake wheat and rye loaves
  • Create your own starter
  • Prepare sourdough pizza to enjoy for lunch
  • Take home the product of your efforts: two loaves, a pizza dough, your own starter and some South Downs Sourdough starter
Thank you so much
for a wonderful day
Feeling relaxed, refreshed
and knowledgeable.
A very special experience expertly led.